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What is the image of being wealthy that you are holding in your mind? Do you really care about having tiny slips of paper or numbers in a bank computer? No, you are seeking a particular benefit. And whenver you seek a benefit, you are declaring something wrong with how things are. That's fine. That's human. But so many of use put 100% attention into becoming rich, with little investigation into what is the attraction in the first place! Before we go further, let’s forget that I am trying to convince you to buy something. What's more important to me, really, is my request that you contemplate this question:

Title: Why do you want to be rich?
The invitation right now is to close your eyes and think about that question. (waiting, waiting) Okay, I'll assume you have an answer. Hopefully you pictured how your life would be different. Now, let's say for example that you imagined that with wealth, other people would give you more respect. Guess what that suggests? Yes, this means you likely feel a poverty, a lack, of respect, now. When you're striving for wealth to make up for lack, you miss true wealth entirely. In the pursuit of only material gain, the mind will engage in self-critique, and even self-praise to motivate you. It needs you to buy into the myth of self-esteem (whether positive or negative), and take your thoughts seriously.

This program will show you another way. We can use our fears and desires to gain greater self-understanding.

Sure, I'd like you to get more details and exercises by downloading the free e-book, and signing up for our products. But the main objective of all I am doing is to have you use the desire, any desire, for greater insight. If you neglect that, even if you become rich, you'll still be craving and complaining. You'll still be seeking acceptance, and constantly feel disrespected. You will still be seeking independence or power and see obstacles at every turn. This is what I call in the e-book, the “champagne problems” of the rich.

My program offers an alternative. One of the underlying principles of this program is that we are seeking love and unification. This is the love we had as a baby before we knew ourselves as separate from the rest of the world. Those who follow the bible, can think of it as the time before Adam and Eve ate the apple. Those who are spiritual, this is who you were before you were born into this identity. Regardless of your explanation (psychological, religious or spiritual), it is the beleif that we are lacking this love, that causes the mind to see externally to find it - and thereby create condidtions for it to return.

Those who have true wealth, who are at peace and full of joy, live inside that unified feeling. The sensations in their bodies are different that the sensations we get when we imagine some aspect of material wealth. Now some may take that idea, or even that experience, and apply some religious dogma or story on top of it – for example label the quest for money as a sin – as in immoral or bad, or non-spiritual. But it simply points to how you seek money either pushes love away from you, or brings it near. We are going to use the Desire for Money program to figure out what is keeping that away for you, by showing how money (and more importantly your thoughts), can bring love near. We do this by surrendering the need for outcome, and thinking of ourselves in a more unified way.

With our program, you'll see money (and yourself) differently. You will feel more free to take actions you see are required to get money, but no longer see money merely as a way to solve a problem. The actions you take in your career or business, will be seen as play (a way to share love), rather than work. Most importantly you will see how you can work harder than ever, yet be happy regardless of the results.



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