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It is not necessary to purchase any product from us to be an affiliate, but as our affiliates are our ambassadors, if you want to be an affiliate, you must read the free e-book. Affiliates create their own content through video interviews, online blogging, and social networking. This is why they need to be familiar with the material.

51% commission.
Yes, you read that correctly. If you refer someone who buys, you get 51% of the purchase price. The only requirement is that you must deliver five customers in a month, and one must order the full package. If you feel you can deliver, and believe in our program, I extend the invitation. Just email us! It's that simple.

If you sell less than five customers in a month, you will gain access to all our material for free during that month, and 50% off on any future products. Below we will soon share some examples of other affiliates and the videos they created. Perhaps yours will be there too. The most popular affiliates will rise to the top. If someone you know just happens upon this page and clicks on the "buy" button beside your video, and purchases a product, it counts as yours!

As an extra incentive, if you bring in a customer who themselves elects to become an affiliate, you get 9% of their sales for the first month. Please note that this program may be ended at any time. (We'd give you 30 days notice). The 9% commission only applies to those customers of yours who become ambassadors. If they bring in their own ambassadors, those sales don't impact you. (it'd be too much effort track all that!).

Of course the functioning of this affilate program must mirror the overall philosophy. The primary value of this program is not the money you or I earn from it. The value, the "true wealth" opportunity, is that we have a way for us to see money (and ourselves) differently. You and I are in the "Desire to Be Rich" program, so we can use this affiliate program to put our adherence to the philosophy to the test! Rather than looking at marketing the program as contrary to the spirit of the program, it becomes the spiritual practice itself! (Many spiritual programs fail to sync the purity of their material to their marketing. This may increase their sales, but is inauthentic and misses the chance to create "true wealth". The motto of this program is: "The marketing is the message".)

As soon as this stops being fun, or feels like we are grasping, we know that we've somehow lost connection to ourselves. Inside and outside of that, we grow.



365 emails

One email a day for 365 days.
Each message is specifically designed to quickly change how you think about money, and yourself. You'll reconnect, and find yourself taking actions to increase your personal worth (materially and spiritually). Unlike a book that you read and soon forget, this is a daily reminder - automatically integrated into your life. At $19, it's an amazing offer!
That's less than 6¢ a day!



364 day guaranteeI am so confident you'll find value, in "365 Days of Transformation," that I offer it at no risk. If not completely satisfied between by day 364, let me know. You'll get a 100% refund.

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     For just $30 more, you get six months of educational videos. Each video expands your understanding, and ability to integrate the ideas and excercises found in the free e-book, and the daily email series "365 Days of Transformation".

You will also get alerts to upcoming video interviews with both business and spiritual gurus to enable you to ask personal questions and better ensure the material is of greatest direct value to you.

(At $49 total, this is less than $3 a video!)


Or treat yourself to the full package....

jennifer ehman hypnotherapist new york cityWe are delighted to offer you the complete package! You can enjoy the full program by adding our exclusive self-hypnosis program created by Certified Hypnotherapist, Jennifer Ehman. This adds just $20 to your order and includes two audio MP3 files. You can listen to one at night before bed, and/or the other first thing when you wake up. Designed to work specifically with the educational video series, by listening each day you ensure your subconscious mind is enthusiastically committed to participating fully. Additional Self-Hypnosis Programs will be augmented in the coming months based on your feedback, and the videos mark as favorite. As an insider, and our way of saying, "thanks," you will now enjoy generous discounts on future Self-Hypnosis products.

Enroll in the full package and ensure success! p



If you have any questions, call me at 347-269-0611 or email me:


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